German Rottweiler Puppies for sale

We are the proud owners of two, beautiful, Worldclass Rottweilers 
Nick is 3 years 10 months and Little, Dotty is 12 weeks and 3 months old. 
Thank you, Dora, for breeding such beautiful, intelligent, sweet companions!
Lorry and John 
New Hampshire


This is our boy, Taz. He was born March 8, 2016. He is the puppy of Hector Masterfield and Helga Darkforce. He has been an incredible addition to our family. Taz is the first Rottweiler we've owned and he has gone above and beyond what our expectations were. He has the greatest personality, is extremely intelligent and we've been told many times that he has the best smile! Taz brings so much joy to us, we cannot imagine what life was like without him now.
Matt & Lauryn Rosenthal
Palmyra, Pennsylvania

  Sometmes a picture says it all!!!
  owned by the Overly Family

Dear Dora and family,
Once again,  you amazed,  enlightened and brought joy into our home with your “out of this world” masterpiece!  Lucie is our second Rottweiler from you.  Zeus was the first with incredible beauty and kindness that 160 lb. bundle of love could give us.  My clients that have known him since he was 8 weeks old loved him,  and Lucie is experiencing and embracing the same attention.  She is our love,  thank you so very much.

​The Lindenfield Family

​​CH Tondor's Behr at Westminster Dog Show in Manhattan, 2015

Proudly owned by Doug Dombroski